I grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee. That’s where my love of crafting began. I spent many days with my Grandmother who would always be making and sewing things. During this time, I quickly realized that I could make doll clothes. Then, all of a sudden my grandfather’s handkerchief would go missing and later my family would find it stitched in or made into dolls clothes or something. Just things like that. Little things.

At the age of 13 my family moved to Atlanta, Georgia. The love of crafting followed me there but evolved into something much more nature focused. All throughout my years at North Fulton (now known as Atlanta International School), the high school I attended, I would collect dried pine cones, wood, any kind of roughage that stuck out to me as something more than just a plain old stick. I’d take what I could find and transform it into a work of art, then give them away as gifts and people loved them.

My love for nature and my knack for design lead me to pursue Horticulture and Agriculture at Truett McConnell University! My goal was to become an interior landscape designer for hotels and cooperate offices. I learned tons and tons from my university and was even put in charge of my own greenhouse- organizing the layouts of the plants however I pleased! But as much as I enjoyed my time in the soil, I was presented with an opportunity in Los Angeles and then and there I went from hiking boots to high heels almost overnight.

I found myself in the bustling LA garment industry working mostly with textiles for the Los Angeles Apparel Mart (70’s-80’s). I was learning all sorts of things from anyone who would teach me. I learned under big people in the industry and was even more surprised to find that this little quiet craft maker from Tennessee could actually hold her own! I was doing well for where I was at, but quickly I became homesick and decided it was best if I made my way back.

I moved back to Atlanta and got into the office world, putting design on the back burner, but never taking it off simmer. I would keep up craft making in my spare time, and eventually, after finding myself with a family, began passing craft making on to my children. We had what we liked to call craft day! Every craft day, we would make our way to the big craft drawer and find new ways to get our hands dirty every week or so. After a while, the fun and excitement seemed to wear off on my son, but my daughter never seemed to lose the flame. She grew up to have a crafting business of her very own!

Crafting has always been a part of my life. It has permeated every crack and crevasse of me and I hope it always does. For me, it’s a form of expression. It’s a form of love for me, and it’s something that I’m very happy I get to share with you. Thank you so much! Let’s get crafting!

- Angee